Gene Symbol ftsI
Entrez Gene 944799
Alt Symbol ECK0085, JW0082, pbpB, sep
Species Escherichia coli
Gene Type protein-coding
Description transpeptidase involved in septal peptidoglycan synthesis; penicillin-binding protein 3
Other Description -
Swissprots P0AD68
Accessions AAC73195 NP_414626
Function Cell wall formation. Essential for the formation of a septum of the murein sacculus. Synthesis of cross-linked peptidoglycan from the lipid intermediates.
Subcellular Location Cell inner membrane; Single-pass membrane protein; Periplasmic side. Note=The bulk of the molecule, except for the N-terminal membrane anchor region, protrudes into the periplasmic space, where it acts on murein.
Top Pathways Peptidoglycan biosynthesis, beta-Lactam resistance