Gene Symbol ACTG1
Entrez Gene 71
Alt Symbol ACT, ACTG, BRWS2, DFNA20, DFNA26, HEL-176
Species Human
Gene Type protein-coding
Description actin gamma 1
Other Description actin, cytoplasmic 2|cytoskeletal gamma-actin|epididymis luminal protein 176
Swissprots A8K7C2 Q96E67 Q5U032 P63261
Accessions AAA51579 AAX82173 AAX82174 AAX82175 AAX82176 AAX82177 AAX82178 AAX82179 AAX82180 AAX82181 AAX82182 AAX82183 AAX82184 AAX82185 AAX82186 AAX82189 AAX82190 AAX82191 AAX82192 AAX82211 AAX82212 AAX82213 AAX82214 AAX82215 AAX82216 AAX82217 AAX82218 AAX82219 AAX82220 AAX82221 AAX82222 AAX82223 AAX82224 AAX82225 AAX82226 AAX82227 AAX82228 AAX82229 AAX82230 AAX82250 AAX82252 AAX82253 AAX82274 AAX82275 AAX82276 AAX82277 AAX82278 AAX82279 AAX82280 AAX82281 AAX82282 AAX82283 AAX82284 AAX82289 AAX82291 AAX82292 AAX82293 AAX82294 AAX82295 AAX82296 AAX82297 AAX82298 AAX82299 AAX82300 AAX82301 AAX82302 AAX82303 AAX82304 AAX82305 AAX82306 AAX82307 CBJ05782 CBJ21234 P63261 AK291937 BAF84626 AK301175 BAG62762 AK304637 BAG65416 BC000292 AAH00292 BC001920 AAH01920 BC004223 AAH04223 BC007442 AAH07442 BC009544 AAH09544 BC009848 AAH09848 BC010417 AAH10417 BC010999 AAH10999 BC012050 AAH12050 BC015005 AAH15005 BC015695 AAH15695 BC015779 AAH15779 BC017450 AAH17450 BC018774 AAH18774 BC018861 BC023548 AAH23548 BC039144 BC053572 AAH53572 BC063495 BT019856 AAV38659 DB455954 DQ891374 ABM82300 EU176631 ABW03432 EU668331 ACF94484 EU832621 ACE87712 EU832693 ACE87025 M16247 AAA51580 X04098 CAA27723 NM_001199954 NP_001186883 NM_001614 NP_001605 NR_037688
Function Actins are highly conserved proteins that are involved in various types of cell motility and are ubiquitously expressed in all eukaryotic cells.
Subcellular Location Cytoplasm, cytoskeleton.
Top Pathways Proteoglycans in cancer, Hippo signaling pathway, Oxytocin signaling pathway, Salmonella infection, Rap1 signaling pathway