Gene Symbol CEBPG
Entrez Gene 1054
Alt Symbol GPE1BP, IG/EBP-1
Species Human
Gene Type protein-coding
Description CCAAT/enhancer binding protein (C/EBP), gamma
Other Description CCAAT/enhancer-binding protein gamma|c/EBP gamma
Swissprots Q5U052 B2R946 P53567
Accessions P53567 AK313634 BAG36393 BC007582 AAH07582 BC013128 AAH13128 BT019819 AAV38622 BT019820 AAV38623 CB993585 CN353219 DQ896455 ABM87454 EU176442 ABW03893 U20240 AAC50201 NM_001252296 NP_001239225 NM_001806 NP_001797
Function Transcription factor that binds to the enhancer element PRE-I (positive regulatory element-I) of the IL-4 gene. Might change the DNA-binding specificity of other transcription factors and recruit them to unusual DNA sites.
Subcellular Location Nucleus.
Top Pathways Tuberculosis

Human CEBPG Gene cDNA Clone - orb142460 from Biorbyt

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Sizes 10 μg
Species Human

Human-CEBPG-cDNA-Clone - DC02188 from Abgent, a WuXi AppTec company

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Sizes 10 µg
Species Human
Accession BC007582

CEBPG - MBS1273121 from MyBioSource

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Sizes 10ug plasmid + 200ul glycerol stock
Species Human
Accession BC007582

Human CEBPG ORF Clone (BC007582) - CDCS409969 from Creative biogene

Species Human
Accession P53567

Human CEBPG ORF clone (BC007582) - CDCB158648 from Creative biogene

Species Human
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